IPOB: Buhari Under Immense Pressure To Release Nnamdi Kanu


President Muhammadu Buhari is under pressure to release Nnamdi Kanu, following ceaseless efforts from prominent Igbo personalities and groups as well as Civil Society groups.
The pressure is not unconnected with the efforts being made by some Igbo leaders and groups to draw the attention of the incoming American President Donald Trump what they described as the ugly situation of things with the Igbo in Nigeria.
Among the Igbo leaders and groups who are involved in this process are the South east senators in the National Assembly who met with president Buhari on a visit to Aso Rock recently, the Alaigbo Development Foundation, (ADF) and the International Society for Civil Liberty (Intersociety) and Rule of Law among others.
ADF, in a congratulatory message to Trump, presented the incoming American leader with the true picture of the Igbo plight in Nigeria citing marginalisation of the southeast in the area of road infrastructure, short changing of the Igbo on government appointments and massive rate of unemployment of youth from the southeast region among others.
On its part, the Intersociety, in a letter to the United Nations with copies to relevant global institutions, informed that the continued detention of Kanu, shootings of unarmed IPOB protesters has portrayed Buhari’s administration as purely “anti-people” that doesn’t respect the right of the people that elected him into power.

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