MTN 4G LTE Finally Hits Nigeria


MTN now offers subscribers optimized wireless 4G broadband and high speed browsing experience to enhance connectivity, functionality and efficiency in our day to day internet usage.

The 4G LTE provides subscribers with reliable Broadband user experience when it comes to video calls and text on instant messaging platforms, mails, business transactions, web surfing, maps, online banking, video streaming, online mobile gaming and other mobile entertainments.

You also get to catch up on your favourite blogs; share stories on Snapchat and Instagram with ease while staying in touch with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

According to the mobile network providers of choice, MTN 4GLTE will not only enhance subscribers’ browsing experience but would also key-in to the national objective of attaining 30 percent Broadband penetration by 2018.

MTN’s 4G LTE service is presently available in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt and roll-out plans to other parts of the country are already in motion.

Getting on board the reliable and active 4G LTE train is as simple as visiting the nearest MTN customer Centre in the three cities to upgrade to a U-SIM to enjoy the 4G service or simply text ‘4G’ to 131 to find out if your SIM/Phone is 4G LTE capable.

MTN’s 4G LTE Broadband service also comes with MIFI device that can be purchased at the nearest MTN friendship centre and allows for multiple users either at home or office.

Switching to MTN 4G LTE’s service will not attract additional tariffs. Subscribers can use their existing data plan and will be charged according to their current plan rates.

Subscribers who prefer the 3G network may remain on the platform as there are no plans to discontinue the 3G Broadband services.

Basically, as more people migrate to 4G in the areas it is available, people on 3G will enjoy their experience on it more. Ultimately both 4G and 3G will enhance Broadband experience.


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