NOLLYWOOD INSIGHT: ‘God Has Given Me Another Chance To Live’ – Leo Mezie

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Popular Nollywood actor, Leo Mezie,who has been battling Kidney failure and was recently flown to the United Kingdom for treatment, recently returned after undergoing treatment and his Kidney picked up miraculously without him having to go for a transplant.

The youthful actor, recently addressed newsmen in Lagos, where he expressed gratitude to a whole lot of people for their support and encouragement during his trying times.

He particularly confessed that he had lost hope and resigned to fate but for his wife, who urged him never to lose hope and seek the face of God.

His words are below;
“I won’t lie to you because in all honesty, I lost hope thinking, how do I raise money, get donor and all that,” Continuing, he said: “At some point, I resigned to returning to my village to live whatever is remaining of my life but my wife stood by me like a rock of gilbratar.
My wife begged me to allow her seek the face of God and do all she can before I can resign to fate and after much pressure and support from several individuals, I was given another chance.
“Then the response I got from Nigerians was massive and I had Ibinabo Fiberesima insisting I can’t fight the battle alone and she wasn’t willing to mourn over another actor. I had immense support from Tom Ateke who made huge financial input as well as Apostle Sulai¬man Johnson, who insisted we stop the fund soliciting,” he said.
In conclusion, Mezie said:

“I want to thank the Nigerian media and Nigerians in diaspora who went all out to donate funds through the help of Harifa Daly, Cynthia Uwak, Omoluka Abuede and Veronique Adaa in Dublin with a gofundme account.

I have been given another chance and the words of Patience Jonathan, there is God keeps resonating in my head because truly there is God.”

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