Policeman Causes Death Of Two Passersby In Oyo


A report by Premium Times has detailed how a policeman caused the death of two passersby on Thursday, October 6, in Oyo state after his attempt to hijack a truck loaded with firewood failed.
The officer simply identified as Mr Jeleel, alongside his colleagues flagged the truck, which they later discovered had no papers.

Attempts by the officers to compel the truck driver to drive his vehicle to their station failed as the driver insisted he had no money to give the policemen.

Mr Jeleel was said to have made attempts to drive the truck himself to the station, when luck ran against him as he lost control of the truck and hit a pole.
Eye-witness accounts said the truck flipped and killed a passer-by on the spot and injured another who later died in the hospital on Friday, October 7.

Mr Jeleel was unhurt, even as he and his colleagues reportedly took to their heels after the incident. The incident angered residents of the area who made attempts to attack the police station where the officers police operate from.

The report said Operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, prevented the mob attack on the police station by repelling the angry residents. “In this hard time, police are still extorting people,” a resident, Olalekan Azeez, who spoke on the incident said.

Meanwhile, a source at the police station was quoted in the report saying Mr Jeleel had been recommended for dismissal, while other officers on duty were recommended for demotion by a rank.

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