SHOCKER: Turkey Police Detain 2 Nigerian Drug Smugglers Who Swallowed 115 Con_Doms


Istanbul police detained two suspects of Nigerian origin who were trying to smuggle drugs in condoms that they later swallowed in Istanbul’s Atatürk International Airport on Friday.
Two passengers aged 22 and 27 were detained in the airport upon suspicion of smuggling drugs.

They were admitted to the Haseki Training and Research Hospital for a detailed medical examination as the police failed to find enough evidence.

Medical examinations revealed that they had together swallowed 115 condoms full of heroin and cocaine. One of the smugglers had swallowed 700 grams of heroin, while the other had swallowed 1.3 kilograms of liquid cocaine.

The suspects were arrested and later sent to prison pending trial after testifying at court.

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