UNIBEN SUG Honours Osondu


The University of Benin Students’ Union Government has bestowed the 2016 excellence awards in youth development and entrepreneurship on the Operations/Business Development Manager of Oracle Experience, Mr. George Osondu, for his “legendary” role in grooming youths and equipping them with entrepreneurial skills.
A statement on Friday said that prior to this honour, Osondu had recently been awarded “The Event Manager of the Decade” at the University of Ibadan, while in 2014, he was awarded the Nigerian Oscar Award at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State.
UNIBEN’s SUG President, Miss Lauretta Obakpolo, said Osondu was given the award for “exhibiting the highest level of entrepreneurship by training the students and guiding them on path to self sustenance.”
She said, “We are very impressed because no one had come to our campus in the past to really demonstrate such level of interest in students’ welfare and life after school.”
The Public Relations Officer of the SUG, Ikotu Kelechi, also said, “Several others have visited us, but they never left any positive impression on the students. Indeed, we are very excited and proud to identify with him.”
Responding to the honour, Osondu said, “I never knew I was being noticed through what I do. I was only doing my job and in the course of doing it, I felt the need to mentor the young ones.”
He said, “I happy not only because I am recognized by them but also the singular act of travelling from Benin to Lagos to present this awards gladdens my heart more.”
Advising the students to look beyond paid employment after school, he urged them not to allow fear if they wanted to succeed in the business world.

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