Unidentified Woman Hired Three Babies To Beg


A woman in Lagos who hired three babies to beg has fled after she was accosted by one pastor Pastor Temidire Marcy.
Daily Post reports that the pastors saw the woman with the three children begging in the Ikeja area of Lagos and accosted her but when she could not provide meaningful explanation, she went to report at the Ikeja local government.

It was later revealed that the woman had hired the children to beg at a pedestrian bridge in the area.

The tactic she usually employed was to claim that she was the mother of three children and needed money to take care of them claiming that their father was either dead or had run away.baby1
The Ministry of Youth and Social called on Nigerian who left their children at schools or with nannies should be careful and wary of the people they left their children with as some of them used them to beg before the parents came to pick them at the end of the day.

Mrs Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf who is the commissioner at the ministry called on Nigerians to join hands with the government to put an end to the menace.

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