Why An Igboman May Not Become Nigerian’s President – Dozie Ikedife

A former President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Dozie Ikedife, has identified the greatest obstacle against the South-East’s push for the seat of the Presidency.

Speaking with The Sun, he disclosed that the lack of cohesion amongst people of the South East region could militate against the Presidency coming to the region.

According to the elder statesman, “That has been the major problem of republican populations. Each person wants to express his opinion. And the issue of not speaking with one voice is universal. There is hardly any society except in totalitarian countries where one candidate scores 99 per cent of the votes.

“There is no topic you can raise where people have freedom of opinion and expression without fear of the consequences and you see everybody concurring on the same topic. No.

That is because any topic you pick has two sides. Any proposition has pros and cons. It is not really the reason of not being able to speak with one voice that people see things differently.

“What the Igbo need is not the ability to speak with one voice but having cohesion toward a set goal. If 75 per cent of Igbo toe the same line, then it means we are doing very well.

But you can never get 100 per cent Igbo speaking with one voice. If you achieve that, then you are dealing with one voice and not human beings.”

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